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Stephen Covey on Why Building a Life is Like Building a House

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

The best way to predict your future is to create it.” 

- Stephen Covey

As we’ve covered before, there are certain principles and habits that are very evident in legends who have succeeded at the highest level. Beginning with the end in mind is the second habit identified by Stephen Covey in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Once we see that we have potential to create our lives, it requires this habit to help focus our attention in a meaningful way on what we want.

Building Anything in Life is Like Building a House

To illustrate why this habit is so important, Covey uses the example of building a house. If we were looking to construct a house (or indeed any building) that is fit for the purpose desired, we would need to design this first in our minds and then on paper before starting construction. Without this work up front, we will pay the price as Covey shares in the video below. The same can be said for our lives, our careers or businesses!!

We have featured many legends from a variety of backgrounds and industries to show that visualisation and planning is crucial in succeeding. Here are a few examples…

Science & Engineering

Nikola Tesla, Elizabeth Holmes


Wayne Rooney, Jessica Ennis

Humanitarian Work

Martin Luthur King, Malala


Jim Carrey, Taylor Swift


Jessica Alba, Soichiro Honda

It goes to show this is definitely a habit that is crucial for success in anything we do!!

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