Stars Redo Star Wars: Jack Black, Bill Vader & Maya Rudolph!

There's Always Another Way of Seeing Things

Comedy and a little dose of wisdom too... 😉

By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

What if you take something you've always known and choose to see it a different way? Not only is being able to bring a new perspective to something necessary for great creativity, it can have inspiring or even hilarious results... If you're already a fan of the Bad Lip Reading franchise on YouTube, you'll know what we mean. If you're not aware of it yet, I won't spoil the fun but you probably get the gist. Even big name stars like Jack Black are now contributing their voices. How can you make today more interesting by looking at something from a totally different perspective?

Wait! There's more...

If you enjoyed this, here's some more Star Wars themed fun and a bit of wisdom too from comedian Eddie Izzard ...

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Having been quite a shy kid growing up, there's nothing more moving to me now than seeing someone start to realise their real potential and believe in themselves a bit more... It's one of the best feelings ever! For me, Legends help us all to see more of what's possible and start to aim that little bit higher in life. It's so important to have fun and enjoy ourselves along the way too... Have fun, never stop learning and share as much as you can with others

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