Sir Richard Branson & Elon Musk Exchange Tweets As Virgin Galactic Launches Into Space

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By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner

What is it that drives you to follow a dream and make a difference? What wakes you up every day with a drive and a fascination? What advice would you leave to inspire your grandchildren with?

Recently Richard Branson and the Virgin Galactic team passed the milestone of reaching space for the first time!

This is the key milestone that they have been working towards for over a decade. Through failures and the tragic loss of 2 pilots in flight testing, the team have now succeeded in opening up space to tourists through this key flight test.

The respect from those who have worked and struggled themselves to open up space was evident in this simple online, Twitter exchange between Sir Richard and a certain Elon Musk!

The camaraderie that builds between people who are striving for the same goal is evident here and I’m sure we have felt it in our own lives as well. Have you ever felt respect for someone who is playing the same sport as you? Ever seen the pain on a team-mates face as they push themselves to break their personal best, as you have pushed yourself to break yours?

These are examples of the respect that is shown in these simple messages between two people who in their own work and lives have taken themselves to the edge of what they can do and then beyond it! It's very different to the competition and jealousy that can often occur in situations like this!

Here is a video of the event that Sir Richard tweeted about;

Why Do We Do These Things?

We push ourselves, as Mr Branson explained to his grandchildren because there is a greater meaning and purpose to our lives, than just our own individual success. If the people involved in opening up space were doing it ‘just for the money / glory / fame’ they would have stopped as soon as it got hard, or difficult or uncomfortable. 

Life is glorious, if you choose to follow your passion, your purpose and what has meaning to you...

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