The Legends Report is a constantly updated online stream of bite-sized articles, links and videos about the fundamental success habits and principles of legends. With something new every hour it's easily accessible at any time on your computer, tablet or mobile to learn how to:

- Get your dream job
- Develop the right mindset
- Achieve work-life balance
- Build a business from the security of your job
- And much more in the fields of life, business, relationships, health and current affairs!

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These are some of the legendary insights, stories and news you can see on The Legends Report...

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8 Benefits of the Legends Report

Understand the Attitudes, Beliefs and Habits of Successful People

You will understand how legends shaped their mindsets to push through failure and achieve. You will also discover how their attitudes and outlook on life shaped who they were, what they did in their life and the results that they got.

What Will it Mean to You to Learn from the Greatest Achievers of All Time?

The Legends Report is a tool that enables you to understand the components of what it takes to really make a success of your life through learning from the greats across the breadth of industry and society. It will accompany you in your daily life, like a trusted friend giving you great advice.

The Report is a study and breakdown of the people who were or are at the top of their game and how they got there. It distils the information in a way that is easy to understand with practical application.

How did Steve Jobs turn around Apple and lead it to become one of the greatest companies of all time?


How did Oprah Winfrey, born in a desperately poor region of America's Deep South become a household name and billionaire?

Within the Legends Report will be guidance through questions and other means to help you understand the knowledge and to gauge where you are in terms of your life and career ambitions. You will also be exposed to our other opportunities in relation to learning from the most successful people who have ever lived, such as the Learning from Legends program. Learning from Legends is a much more advanced program where you're supported to not only learn, but more importantly helped, to apply and follow through on what you learn in line with your dreams and aspirations. 

How Much Does it Cost?

£12 per month with a £12 start-up fee

At Lighthouse International our policy is that we do not profit from providing information to help you progress in your life. We profit when we help you to apply that information through mentoring, programs and workshops. Therefore the Legends Report is provided to you on a very affordable basis to ensure that we cover our costs of production every day.

Speak With Us About Joining the Legends Report

We want you to make the most of the Report and we do our best to make that happen. So the first step to getting involved is speaking to one of the team to help you learn more about the Report and other associated opportunities. This will help ensure you are best prepared to use the Report as a basic means to enhance your life, career and/or business.

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    Images: Father, mother and child photo, courtesy of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung @ Flickr