Roger Moore - His Legacy Beyond The Bond Films

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By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

"Working with Unicef made me grow up and recognise how fortunate I am."

- Sir Roger Moore

Last week saw the death of the actor and James Bond legend Sir Roger Moore. Many of us have fond memories of his appearances in 7 James Bond films, but the work he was most proud of (and knighted for) were the many years he dedicated to being an ambassador for the children's charity Unicef. This all started because whilst filming in India for the film Octopussy, he got to see first-hand the poverty that many people in the developing world find themselves in. He made a decision to give back and be a voice for the most vulnerable in society because of the impact this experience made on him.


We wish his family and friends well at this difficult time. You can read more about the fond way they described him in their tribute to him in this article.


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