Roger Federer Shows That Even The Greats Have Doubts In Historic Win

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

On Sunday, Roger Federer successfully defended his Australian Open title and became the first man to reach 20 Grand Slam wins. He defeated Marin Čilić who he beat last year in the Wimbledon final, in five sets. Yet one of the remarkable things about this win is that, despite being a firm favourite going into the match - taking the first set easily, Mr Federer had a crisis of confidence and actually came close to losing. He revealed in an interview afterwards:

“I had a good start to the match [then] I think I lost the second [set] because of nerves, to be honest.”

He also revealed that he suffered nerves in his quarter-final match against Thomas Berdych who he has beaten in their last eight matches:

"You can't explain it sometimes... It is just a feeling you get. It's like against Berdych, I felt, like, ‘I'm probably going to lose this one.’ I was not negative, but I just felt like I saw a loss was coming somehow.”

Many of us will probably find comments like this surprising, especially from someone like Roger Federer who is known for his self-belief and positivity, as well as his love of the game. However, it highlights again, that even the most successful people struggle with self-doubt and aren't superheroes! The difference is that they're able to find a way to overcome the negative thinking before it engulfs and prevents them from achieving what they have set out to do.

How many of us let our negative doubts spiral out of control to the extent they hold us back in our lives and keep us in the same place? What difference would it make to be able to change that? To read more on this story click here...

Here's the emotional journey of an epic final:

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