Richard Branson : How Mentoring In Tennis Can Be Applied To Business!

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By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

We have often spoken at the Legends Report about the power of mentoring. In particular, how some of the most successful people in the world have achieved their success through the help of their mentors.

In a recent blog post, Richard Branson highlighted the power of mentoring in his life,

"I owe a huge amount to the many mentors I have had over the years, most notably my parents, and Sir Freddie Laker. Among many other things, dad taught me the value of following my dreams, mum the need to work tirelessly, and Freddie the importance of putting yourself forward. The value of mentorship cannot be underestimated – I wholeheartedly believe it can be the difference between success and failure."

He then highlights how this fundamental trait of success can be seen in tennis and that it applies to every area of life. He emphasises in particular, how current players that have former top players as their mentors have accelerated their game to new levels. He said,

"It is easy to think of mentorship as something applicable only for businesspersons. However, mentors can help in every walk of life. One notable example that sprung to mind this week as Andy Murray brilliantly won his second Wimbledon title was elite level tennis. As one of the finest players of his generation, you could be forgiven for thinking Andy doesn’t need coaching on his forehand, or his serve. What he does need is people in his corner who have been there and done it, can share their experience and act as a mentor as much as a coach. Enter Ivan Lendl, the tennis legend with whom Murray has won all three of his grand slams. Murray’s example is increasingly becoming the rule. My friend Novak Djokovic has found new levels of genius since teaming up with Boris Becker; Roger Federer remains ageless with the support of Stefan Edberg, Wimbledon finalist Milos Raonic is improving beyond recognition with John McEnroe in his corner."

He also discusses the danger of succeeding and thinking you can't fail!

"When you experience success, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking you know it all. Of course, this is the biggest mistake you could make. We all have the potential to continue learning, and all need to be brave enough to ask for support."

Finally, here's a quick clip of Andy Murray talking about the impact Ivan Lendl has had on his game and the importance of his team.


To read Sir Richard Branson's blog post click here...

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