Ricardo Semler - Building a Successful Company With (Almost) No Rules

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Ricardo Semler is the Chairman of Semco Partners; a company that partners with organisations looking to launch into the Brazilian market. Under his ownership he has impressively grown the revenue more than 50-fold in the space of 20 years. There is, however, something quite unique about Ricardo and the way he has run the company to achieve these results. The company has very few rules; employees choose how much they earn and even how many hours they work!

How Is This Possible?

Ricardo spoke at last year’s TED Global Conference and shared his approach to leading Semco Partners in such a radically different way. This is an incredibly inspiring video that shows us what is possible when we take a different perspective on life and work. Enjoy!!

The Power of Win-Win

At the heart of the way Ricardo has achieved sustainable success is to align his decisions with the principle of fairness - building a relationship with employees that is more of a win-win partnership. He wants company employees to work towards and achieve their own personal goals now rather than wait for retirement... when they may not have the required money or health!!

The consequence of this extension of trust is mutual respect and responsibility because the focus is on results rather than management and control. Ricardo is also achieving equally impressive results in education which shows the universal effectiveness of leading organisations in a fair, results-based way.

    What difference would make to your work-life balance and career prospects if your boss really cared about your personal and professional aspirations?

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