Bruce Lee - Lessons in Mastering Our Lives

Bruce Lee and his son - Legends Report

by Asif Valiji, Associate Mentor, Lighthouse International

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply what we know. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

- Bruce Lee.

Previously we looked at Bruce Lee and the vital role that self-discipline plays in attaining our goals and helping us work towards achieving our dreams. Most of us at some level know the importance of self-discipline, in other words we intellectually understand it.


In the quote above Lee is saying that to simply know to do something is not enough, we must be willing to apply what we know and act in line with it.

We can read all about the benefits developing yourself, building networks, having great mentors, developing a powerful mindset in the millions of books and websites out there  - but this knowledge is meaningless if we don’t apply it! It may sound obvious but common sense is not often common practice. If we don’t immerse ourselves in developing ourselves, getting out there, connecting with others, building our networks and getting the right mentorship, we will simply spend our lives reading and learning information that we don’t apply. Information and learning is crucial but we must boldly take action in the direction of our dreams to really create the lives we want!

Did you know Bruce Lee had a mini punchbag installed in the steering wheel of his car so he could practice punches while he was driving? That’s dedication for you!

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    Bruce Lee with his son photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons