Are Your Fulfilling Your Earning Potential?

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Did you know that the average amount spent on going to university in the UK is £60,000?

But by the time you've reached 18 years old, at least £30,000 will have been invested in your primary and secondary education.

So by the time you're ready to start your first job, you've had around £100,000 invested in your intellect, your knowledge and your ability to think logically.

Just let that sit in for a second.

One hundred thousand pounds...

That's more than enough to send you around the world in luxury accommodation and then some...

That's not including the time, the energy, the effort, the sacrifices that have been invested into your health, your well-being, or any extra-curricular sports or other activities you've invested in. That doesn't include any hobbies you've taken up, any qualifications you've earned to get ahead in your career.

So when the average wage in the UK is just £27,000, doesn't that seem a little low?

Let's look at this another way - if you invested £100,000 into a company's shares, or into a property, wouldn't you expect to see a little higher return on interest??

Don't you think we could be earning and producing far more value - not just money - but be doing far more with our lives, our skills, our talents, our knowledge, our passions?


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