Now What? - How Do You Start Building Your 'Million Dollar Idea' Team?

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Imagine an intrepid engineer, who has a multi-million-pound idea that is going add huge value to everyone in the world! He has the designs, the plans, and because he has read the article "So You've Got Your Million Dollar Design Idea - Now What?" (which you should too if you haven't already) 🙂 he knows how to avoid the E-Myth, The Entrepreneurial Seizure, as he now knows how to build a team. A team that will have access to every resource his idea will need, in order to become a reality.

This is great! He is now working on the business, not in it! This means the business will one day be able to work without him, and he can concentrate on making new products, possibly another business or important relationships! 🙂

Questions & Fears!

However, for now, there are many questions to answer! How do I find the right people to work with? Where do I start? How do I make this happen and what direction or which opportunity should I take first?! It can feel like being lost on a foggy hillside with the dusk looming and time running out.

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