Novak Djokovic - Combining Tennis, Mindfulness & Family

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by Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

One of the defining traits of any legend is the crucial importance they place on developing discipline throughout all areas of their lives. So when I stumbled across this fantastic article in the Telegraph on tennis legend Novak Djokovic, I felt it would be a very powerful read for you, especially given that he's just won his third Wimbledon title! I think you'll discover when reading it that there's always a lot more to legends than we initially think we know about them!

In particular, I never knew that Novak Djokovic practised mindfulness and meditation or that he was such a fan of engineering!

While the article highlights the need to work hard to fulfil and develop talent, it also shows how legends develop a balanced life through discipline. Many people think that leading a disciplined life means all work work work, but that's not true, it's about being balanced and ensuring you devote attention across all the key areas of your life! The revered psychologist and author M. Scott Peck, in his pioneering book on the psychology of life; "The Road Less Traveled" says that "discipline is freedom".

It takes discipline to train 8 hours a day. It also takes discipline to say no to a public engagement and spending time with the family, or to make Sunday a day of reflection. Discipline is something we all need to develop more in our lives.

Some of the key things you'll discover from the article are:

  • How Djokovic’s greatest asset as a kid according to a coach was his mind and not his tennis talent
  • The impact his tennis mentor had on his overall love of learning things outside of tennis
  • His love of culture that helps balance the intensity of his tennis
  • The importance of family to him and the joys of being a father
  • How he uses mindfulness to overcome his own inner-challenges

Check out the article here, it's a great read!


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    Novak Djokovic image courtesy of Marianne Bevis @ Flickr