Never Seem To Have Enough Time? This Is a Must-Watch Video! 

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Truly effective time management is not about doing more, it is about using our time wisely.

How many times do we hear or indeed use the phrase 'I don't have enough time!'?

When sitting down with my mentor more than 8 years ago I would continuously ask about what I could do to manage my time better. Millions, if not billions, are spent each year on courses, books, planners, apps and any number of time management tools or techniques with the aim of increasing productivity.

Yet in spite of these investments made, we find stress levels going through the roof and people struggling, even more, today than before to keep up with the pressures of day-to-day living.

Is finding ways to do more in less time really the answer to our time management woes? The 15-20 minute investment to watch and reflect on this video may, quite literally, be a life-saver....

Brad Aeon is a PhD researcher at the John Molson School of Business focused on time management, temporality, and work-life balance. In this TEDx talk Mr Aeon talks about the importance of taking a step back and examing how we see our lives and the limited time we have.

Time Is The Most Valuable Resource We Have

The thing that made the biggest impact on me was the consequence of the mantra 'time is money'.

"Whenever I'm spending time with my own kids it makes me so angry because - yeah, I'm spending time with them - but every hour I spend with my kids I'm not making $160."

With this example, Mr Aeon shows us how unhealthy it is when we value money more than our time and indeed our relationships.

What is ultimately revealed is that we need to be effective with our time, we need to the apply principles of effectiveness to ensure that we are not only productive but that we are productive in the right areas of our lives.

Is it really worth achieving more at work but struggling to look after our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health? What about the relationships with our loved ones? And that's before we look at making a difference to the social and environmental causes we may feel most passionate about supporting.

So, before we can apply the principles of Personal Management to put first things first, we need to know what exactly it is we want to prioritise! This may sound obvious, but as Brad Aeon explains it is because of the lack of questioning that we feel that we don't have enough time for the activities and people we value the most.

If you want to learn more about how legends like Steve Jobs and Nelson Mandela saw their time, then check out this article... Busting The Myth of "I Don't Have Enough Time"

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