Must Watch: The Shocking Reality of The Modern World 

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By Phoebe McHugh, Legends Report Contributor

When you watch this video below you may find you have some fearful thoughts about the world around us. Moreover, the damage that has already become evident through our lack of care and selfish behaviour may shock you. However, instead of focusing on the negatives of this video, try and find what you can learn from these hard-hitting illustrations...

Questions to Ask Yourself When Watching the Video

What do you see in these pictures? What keeps on coming up? Is it technology? The disregard for creativity? The obsession with wealth? Whatever you notice and remember in these pictures, it may be something that resonates with you or drives your meaning and purpose.

How to Incorporate What You Remember From This Video Into Your Daily Life and How To Turn These Images Into Something Positive

If it's technology, try and improve this in your lifestyle. For example, if you feel chained to your phone (like in one of the drawings) try to have at least an hour every day away from your phone and instead read a book or listen to some music. Take yourself away for a while to rejuvenate your inner-self and give your mind a breather.

For me, this video has made me realise how much we as people are so involved in our own little world, we don’t take into consideration the damage we are doing to others, such as global warming. Therefore I shall be making sure I am keeping on top of my recycling. It seems small and maybe insignificant to the sheer impact of global warming, but I know that I am aware of this and by doing my part, I am contributing to making the world a little less terrifying than this video. After all, a lot of a little is a lot...

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  1. Maratib Ali Shad 16th June 2018 at 8:19 PM - Reply

    These are painful illustrations which reflect about imbalance or not being principle-based & values-driven people or their results in the world. I believe every image in the video reminds us what must be done in the right way with correct method in order to avoid these situations or ultimate realities. I am still very hopeful about myself and many others.

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