Must Watch - Stephen R. Covey - How to Solve Family Conflicts

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By Daniel Schmitz, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

In this video by Stephen R. Covey, author of the books 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, contains brilliant lessons for all of us on family conflicts! He talks about why family conflicts arise and how to build a great marriage and family culture. Mr. Covey highlights and appreciates the importance of the family in society and how it is the building block of living a successful life.

“I believe that no other success in life can compensate for failure at home.”

- Stephen R. Covey

Here are some of the key lessons from the video:

Families Are Natural Expressions of Synergy

"The family is the ultimate expression of synergy. The newborn is the greatest synergistic marvel. The baby is by nature a unique blend of both parents."

Resenting Our Differences Leads To Conflict

"Family conflicts are the most heartbreaking of all of life's toughest problems. I believe that no other success in life can compensate for failure at home. Usually, it comes down to resentment of differences rather than valuing differences."

Treasure Differences To Build a Great Marriage And Family Culture

"In contrast, great marriages arise only when the partners treasure their differences for them. The cultures, quirks, talents, strengths, reflexes and instincts each partner brings to the marriage become sources of appreciation, delight and creativity. And because they cherish each other so much they are together a unique blend of joy and dignity. Because of their ability to celebrate differences, they create their own unique and precious family culture."

Have The Courage To Challenge Your Partner To Find 3rd Alternatives

"No one has the courage to ask the other: Are you willing to go for something better than what we have? When we ask that question we can start finding 3rd alternatives to our problems."

Stop Thinking In Terms of  “My Way Versus Your Way”

"We stop thinking in terms of “my way versus your way” and start thinking in terms of “our way”, a way that takes advantage of what’s special about us. That’s when relationships and families really start to grow and thrive and families are strengthened with love and respect."

If you are interested in more advice on building a more harmonious family, check out this article: 5 Legendary Books To Become a Better Parent.

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