Is This The Most Inspiring Teacher In The World?

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By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

"I'm all about bringing joy to people's lives and inspiring others to do so. That's really why I do (the handshakes), to bring joy to them."

- Barry White Junior, Teacher at Ashley Park PreK-8 School

Recently a video has gone viral featuring Mr White; a teacher in Charlotte, North Carolina. The video features him personally greeting each of his students with a unique handshake, although that description definitely doesn't do it justice! The idea was inspired by the way basketball star LeBron James greets his own inner circle and Mr White is now inspiring millions across the globe with his own personal touch. This is a wonderful story to share!!

Wait! There's More...

Imagine a school that looked like a set from Harry Potter and where teachers actively encouraged students to sing and dance in the classroom. Sounds like a fantasy? Well, it's actually real and you can see for yourself here...is this the most inspiring school in the world?


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