11 Year Old Jessie Brings Joy To Sick Children!

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

"I just want to make them happier... I know they're going through a lot too."

- Jessie Rees

We're told that we live in a selfish world. That everyone's got to look out for themselves. That it's dog eat dog. That we have so many problems and worries that we don't have time for anyone else. But every now and then, we see a story of a human being who shows us an example of how serving and giving to others creates an incredible life. That when we focus on the needs of others, instead of trying to hold onto what we've got, everyone benefits. If you're reading this now it's because you know that we are not meant to be isolated, selfish, fearful people. We are always drawn to do what's best for others, and when we get an insight into what a human being is really about, we remember what feels right...

Jessie Rees was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 11. But instead of worrying about surviving, she focused on the other children in the ward, asking, how can we help the other children with cancer?

It is such an incredible story and, for me, a reminder of what we as human beings are about - that we love giving and helping other people - and I guarantee you that when you have days of doing that, you feel so much better for it. Enjoy the video...

Here is a little more insight into Jessie and her family and the phenomenal work they are doing to care for children across America...

What one thing can you do to spread joy today?

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