Muhammad Ali: A Fighter For Freedom & Humanity


By Diana Orfani, Legends Report Writer

It’s not merely stardom that makes a legend such as Muhammad Ali an everlasting icon.

We all as individuals may have the desire of leaving some sort of legacy behind. Ideally, one that is memorable and inspiring. Becoming a public figure and the fame that it brings is an aspect which a lot of celebrities have dreamt of and eventually achieved, especially in the world of showbiz and sports. Though becoming a truly legendary figure is a much greater accomplishment that very few are privileged to hold.

Muhammad Ali can, in many people’s eyes, be held up as a perfect example of this - someone who fought fearlessly for the greater good, giving stardom and fame a new meaning and perspective.

Having touched the lives of billions, Muhammad Ali was one of the finalists in the BBC’s search for the greatest person of the 20th Century - as part of a brand-new series ICONS. An individual who truly defined being ‘The Greatest’ and never backed down:

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