Is This the Most Inspiring School in the World?


By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Can you imagine a school that involves dancing teachers, students jumping around on tables as well as a decor that looks like something out of Harry Potter complete with slide and bungee jump!? Sounds more like a theme park than a school, right? Well, this describes the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta - a school that actively prepares its students to face the world with no fear and is producing strong academic results too. So what is behind the success of this unique school?

This place has to be seen to be believed!! So first up here's an inspiring 5-minute CBS news feature on the school...

Pretty incredible right?

Pioneers Challenge the Status Quo

The biggest thing that stands out about the school is how it has been set up to purposely challenge the preconceptions many of us have about school and education. Our experience of school may be passively sitting in class listening to a teacher and because this has been our experience, we feel that's the way it is - even if it is not engaging and dare I say it 'fun'?!?

Instead Ron Clark has imagined how school ought to be rather than simply copying how it has been. He has invested his infectious passion into the vision he has for a school with high expectations and standards for the students. What you'll see from the video is that the school is committed to developing the students as socially confident and capable human beings and not children only able to recite lots of information that's thrown at them.

How Can We Pioneer in Our Own Lives?

When we take the time to look at various aspects of our lives and the world, we will soon see that there are many assumptions we make based on our previous experiences. Just because we have had a certain experience in one area; whether it is our physical health, our career, our finances, or our relationships, it doesn't mean we can't change or imagine amazing new ways to do things. The more we take the time to question our approach to all aspects of our lives and gain a more objective understanding, the more we will be able to identify the gaps and actively look to fill them.

    1. What stood out to you most about the school?

    1. The passionate headteacher2. The articulate kids3. The discipline4. The potential for schools

    2. If you had more time, more money and more resources would you want to make a difference to young people?

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