Model Cameron Russell - Why Happiness & Security Is an Inside Job


By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

"I hope what you're seeing is that these pictures are not pictures of me. They are constructions, and they are constructions by professionals... by hairstylists and make-up artists and photographers and stylists and all of their assistants.... and pre-production and post-production. And they build this. That's not me."

- Cameron Russell

Here’s a very refreshing and honest TED talk from successful fashion model Cameron Russell which may help change your perspective on image and any worries about what we look like. She’s been admirably speaking out about our modern obsession with image and looks and the problems this message is giving, not only to ourselves, but to young people as well.

How often do we all make snap judgements about ourselves and others based on what we see? Well, Cameron is asking us to look beyond that if we want to be happy and have a better society. Her story teaches us not to be fooled by stylised and carefully staged images seen on screens and magazines, but to be authentic and value who we are and what our individual potential is as human beings. She’s helping to show that there’s always much more to someone than initially meets the eye...

Here are a few eye-opening quotes from Cameron's excellent TED talk - well worth a watch below...

"Image is powerful. But also, image is superficial".

"When I was researching this talk, I found out that of the 13-year old girls in the United States, 53% don't like thier bodies. And that number goes to 78% by the time they're seventeen."

"The thing that we never say on camera, that I have never said on camera, is I am insecure."

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Learning From Legends...

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