Michelle Obama: Her Life After The Presidency

By Diana Orfani, Legends Report Contributor

The former First Lady is realising that "Home is where we make it" while striving to advocate for female education beyond her political duties.

Being the First Lady of The United States of America is quite something - having the world at your feet and getting the best of everything, enjoying the VIP treatment and lifestyle, mingling with dignitaries all over the world in an atmosphere of complete comfort and luxury. This is a life many would crave yet few experience. However, this is something which former First Lady, Michelle Obama is relieved to have left behind after her and Barack Obama left the White House in 2017. She is now concentrating on pursuing her goals and making a difference beyond the often restrictive White House walls.

With her long-awaited memoir ‘Becoming’ creating a buzz in UK and US, the former First Lady reminds us of the importance to keep on fighting for positive change as she once again launches an education-related program for girls: The Global Girls Alliance. Mrs Obama said:

“With the Global Alliance, we’ll lift up the grassroots leaders in communities all over the world who are clearing away the hurdles that too many girls face.”

Appreciating The Beauty of a Simpler Lifestyle

Since becoming a private American citizen, the former First Lady has not hesitated in expressing the joy of being able to do things at her own accord and living in a much more private household, without the international inspection and glare of the world. In an interview on the Ellen Show, Mrs Obama was asked by Ellen DeGeneres what she’s been up to lately and she revealed that she has been enjoying a more laid-back lifestyle outside the spotlight: “....hanging out. I wake up when I wake up”.

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