Matthew Perry on Conquering His Addiction

matthew perry

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

If you've ever experienced days where you've lost direction, felt like you weren't making progress or even felt like giving up, then there are two really simple, important, and life-changing truths that you're about to hear in this video. Check it out:

1. Bad Habits Take Time & Discipline to Overcome

Whether it's a substance you're addicted to, binging on chocolate or waking up late... Those habits can change, but instead of wishing them to change overnight, appreciate that developing new, better habits is a process of developing the discipline in yourself to do it. A good farmer knows a good crop takes time to grow.

2. If You're Feeling Low, Reach Out to Help Someone!

This is one of the most powerful things that Matthew spoke about and can literally transform your day in an instant. If you're feeling low, lost or unfocused, then get out of that rut by sending a text of appreciation, call someone to find out how their day is going, or go see a friend and keep them company. Write a nice card and post it! Whatever you decide to do, serving and adding value is something we are naturally wired for, but often forget to put time and work into. Connecting with others and helping them feel good in turn helps us feel good too.

So to sum up... be patient, be disciplined and keep plugging away to do as much as you can to serve others!

What stands out to you about how Matthew Perry and his fellow addicts have overcome their addictions?

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Matthew Perry image courtesy of Policy Exchange @ Flickr