Malala - The Incredible Teenager Who Scared the Taliban

Malala - Legends Report

by Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Malala Yousafzai is an incredible example of someone who is so passionate about ensuring girls receive an education in Pakistan that she put her life on the line and was almost murdered in the process. She was shot in the head by the Taliban when she was just 13 and she won the Nobel Peace Prize aged just 16. Her story shows us that age is no barrier to being a legend when you are willing to make sacrifices for what you feel passionate about.

Malala could have easily created excuses about why she should leave it to someone else to solve the problem but she didn’t, she took responsibility for it. She started small by doing what she could, by writing a blog about her life in Pakistan under the Taliban.

This was picked up by a documentary maker and she started to rise to prominence. The Taliban felt so threatened by a young girl and her message that they felt her voice needed to be silenced for good. Watch the video below to hear the story in her own words...it is truly humbling:

Focus on What You Can Do Each Day

Perseverance isn’t just about hard work and repeatedly practising something - that’s just part of the story. Perseverance is about understanding why we are doing something and then working towards it, bit by bit. It’s about making the necessary sacrifices because what we are working on is more important in the long-term than any short-term gains or distractions in front of us.

Malala is an amazing example of someone who was prepared to take responsibility for her life and her world and she helps us see that we could be so much better in our lives. Incredible things are possible when we are driven by meaning and prepared to take consistent action towards it, even when it gets difficult and we want to give up.

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Malala image courtesy of Southbank Center @ Flickr