Looking For More Meaning In Life? You Need To Watch This...

By Sukh Singh
, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

You know that feeling..

When you sit down at your desk at work and wonder...

What the hell am I doing here?

And you know that feeling, late in the evening...

After you've just watched your fourth episode rolling over of your binge on Netflix, and you wonder...

Is this really the highlight of my life?

That feeling...

Is called a lack of meaning. A lack of genuine, exciting, compelling, empowering purpose to you living your life.

It's one of the most frustrating feelings to not have that in our lives - I have spent many, many years feeling that way! Check out this brilliant video below from clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson on the surprising reality of what gives our life meaning - especially for young men...

What Does 'Responsibility' Actually Mean?

We hear a lot of talk of 'man up', 'grow up' and take responsibility for your life! But what does this actually mean? What is Professor Peterson saying practically? Here are a few tips to get started...

1. Write down all the things that you're annoyed and worried about

So many of us walk around with the problems we have in our head... anything from bills to something our partner said last night to a deadline at work... Do yourself a favour and stop it.

Get a pen and paper right now (or your notes app) and write down everything you're worried about. Sounds daunting? Well, it's either that or keep swimming around with those problems without any solutions - your call...

2. Get clear on what you can actually do something about, not what's outside of your control

This is really important. Most of what we worry about is actually not in our control. That thing your partner said? That's their issue - your responsibility is how you feel about it. Those bills? They're not going to stop calling you or writing letters - you need to contact them.

Cross out everything that's not in your control and circle the big ones that you can actually do something about.

3. Prioritise what is most important to you to do something about

Even here there's going to be quite a few things for you, but you're nearly there - just take a few moments, slow down and ask yourself, what's actually important to you? Not what's urgent for other people, what do you really want to deal with and get a victory over yourself?

Hint: Those things will probably feel quite scary too... those things you've been avoiding that will build your courage. 

4. Start looking at how you want to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem by default

As Professor Peterson says, most people are worrying and whining about their rights... I don't have these rights, they're telling me what I can't do... well yes. Those are issues, but they're not going to get resolved from protesting or campaigning with people shouting loudly. Seriously, the real changes in life happen when you decide for yourself, how are you going to be part of the solution to the problems you see.

If you feel upset about issues affecting families, is there more work you can do inside your own family to bring it together? Don't like the work culture? How can you set the example of leadership rather than complain?

There's so much more we can all take responsibility for, even if that's the issues in our own lives.


5. Find someone to help

As author and business expert Michael Gerber says, getting help in your life or career or business is the mark of being healthy and switched on! If you really want to make a change and take responsibility, you're going to need a helping hand. After all, there were probably other people involved in some of the problems you're facing right now! So look around, seek out a mentor, a guide, a friend willing to listen to you, a coach, a counsellor, whatever it is you need, there is someone to help.

(If you're not sure where to look, just get in touch with us at the Legends Report here. We can point you in the right direction, whether that's one of our own Life & Business Mentors, or anyone else who can help you).

Remember: Responsiblity is a fundamental principle of effectiveness! It's one of the absolute core fundamentals to building a happy and successful life! Here are the other principles of effectiveness...

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