It's Not You... It's Me!.. The Secret To a Great Relationship

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By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Love. It's something most people are looking for at some point in their lives. Finding someone we can build a happy and meaningful life with is important for so many of us. However, it does seem as though many of us struggle to find what we're looking for in a relationship. Why is it that so many promising relationships don't survive, even the most high-profile ones? YouTube motivator and philosopher Jay Shetty has some wise insights that might just help...

The key point here, and one so many of us miss is the need to develop a healthy attitude and fair expectations for a relationship. How many of us get together with someone because of what they can give to us, and indeed how they make us feel? Is it all about us and what we want or need from them, rather than a genuine desire to give love, care for and support the other; despite any flaws and weaknesses?

The hard truth long as we fail to look at ourselves and dwell instead on blaming others for our relationship failures, we are looking in the wrong place. If we're giving up on someone as soon as things get hard, and our ability to love them back is tested, then we're making it all about us, not our partner and certainly not the relationship itself. Healthy relationships grow out of what we bring into them, not what we can take out. Love is about self-extension, trust, forgiveness and commitment, not selfishness and self-gratification.

"Relationships are not about compromises, they're actually about empowering the other person to achieve their goals, helping them grow to become the individual they deserve to become, that they can become."

- Jay Shetty

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