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Lewis Hamilton's Dedication To Training

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Lewis Hamilton has won 3 Formula 1 World Drivers' Championships... which is not something that comes easily! It takes a great deal of effort and hard work from a young age to achieve the driving skill in the car as well as the level-head off the track to achieve a goal like this. It takes a huge amount of dedication to get to these levels and still keep the momentum going during the off-season before the 2017 championship starts on 28th March.

As Mr Hamilton tweets here," believing in yourself and having a dedication to hard work are the keys to success".

Is Lewis Hamilton any different to us? No. Rest assured he has made sacrifices. What sacrifices do you need to make? What does hard work look like for you? Where can you excel in your life?!

For a further insight into what it takes to achieve great things, here's legendary athlete Mo Farah on the importance of hard work...

Dwayne Johnson's Passion And Hard Work Paying Off...

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Yes, actor and entertainer Dwayne Johnson is going from strength to strength. Yes, hard work and passion are important, and yes, we all know that's true. So why is Mr Johnson succeeding where most people are not?

On Monday this week, 'The Rock' shared two instagram posts about two major personal achievements, to answer that question...

Dwayne Johnson wasn't always this passionate or dedicated. He's been through many struggles in life - more than we know. We don't know what those dark days were, those moments of self-doubt, those moments of fear. Passion and hard work don't come in a box, ready-to-use. They are developed and earned through harder days.

In his second post, Mr Johnson shows us the very lesson he learned from his forefathers taught him; when times get tough, hold onto faith and always be willing to do the very hard work with my own two hands. 

He has worked primarily on his attitude to life. That is the driver for everything he has achieved and will achieve. So when we say passion and hard work are important, the worst thing we can do is take that for granted because we hear it all the time. The best thing we can do is listen, as Dwayne Johnson has done. The best thing we can do is ask ourselves honestly, where am I falling short? Where am I not being honest with myself? Where is my attitude letting me down despite my passion? How can I be a better person?

As I said, at one point in his life, his outlook was definitely not rock solid (no pun intended). Click here to find out how Dwayne Johnson learned to overcome depression... 

Humans of Argentina Special

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Recently, Brandon Stanton, the man behind Humans of New York, changed location for a special insight into Argentina. Below are two very personal and humbling stories. This is such a powerful series because there's no label here. No box for these people to fit into. They are human beings and share the same pains, heartaches and hopes as we do. We are all far more alike than we think, and the more we realise this truth, the richer we are in every sense. Life, business, family - all work so much better when we have stronger relationships around us.

We learn so much in school; reading, writing, arithmetic, science... yet we don't learn how to listen. We don't learn how to build phenomenal relationships that will empower us in life. It is vital that we do if we want to have a real chance at success and happiness. If you want to learn how to build a great network around you, get in touch with us via the chat box on this page or the contact details at the bottom.

What happens when we take the time and effort to understand others? Click here for a must-watch story!

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