To Live Your Values - Communicate

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Regardless of your opinion of someone, if you believe in your values, then there is a need to communicate openly with them.

Recently, President-Elect Donald Trump met with a room full of American technology business leaders with the message “I’m here to help you folks do well.”.

The meeting was attended by Elon Musk of Tesla & Space-X, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt of Alphabet (Google's parent company), Timothy D. Cook of Apple; Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, and Satya Nadella of Microsoft, among others.

Box is a cloud storage company and its CEO, Mr Levie, supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential race. Having a difference of opinion to Mr Trump was not a reason for the executive to stay away from the meeting. In fact, in a statement he said;

“We have to face reality that this is the next four years, and the best way to make sure our values are upheld is actually push on them,”

Regardless of whether you agree with the ideas and policies Mr Trump has, or not, this is a principle (empathic communication) that legends have learnt is essential to building relationships and creating wealth. If you disagree with someone, then there is even more reason to engage in communication and understand their point of view. Only in this way, is it possible to have your values and your interests understood by the other side.

What this article from the New York Times describes, is the habit of 'seek first to understand, before being understood' being played out in real life, and below you can see a short video taken at the beginning of the meeting.

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