Lessons in Success From an Ultimate Fighting Champion

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By Phoebe McHugh, Legends Report Contributor

‘Any obstacle that’s thrown to me in life, I’m just gonna take it as it comes and use it to make myself stronger, because I’ve got one goal and that’s just to be the best.’ - Darren Till

To succeed in anything, there is generally always a goal set to mark the ultimate achievement in one's success. For some, it can be a personal goal; to lose weight, to make a family or to raise enough funds to buy the ultimate car you have always wanted. For others, it can be a business goal; a promotion or a dream career.

For Darren Till, it is to be the Ultimate World Fighting Champion and he is not letting anything get in his way:

"I left home at 15 years of age to pursue my career and my dreams. It’s a rough road, and I’ve had a lot of fights and I’ve got a lot of experience. I’ve lived on the street, I’ve had money, I’ve had no money, I’ve had food, I’ve had no food, and what life’s thrown at me has matured me a lot at a young age. And I’d say the experience of fighting has really matured me because I’ve travelled all over the world fighting. Obviously moving to Brazil at such a young age and creating a family, that’s matured me even more. So every obstacle in my life until this point has really made me the man I am today."


Why The Rising Star of UFC Moved From Liverpool To Brazil To Succeed

At the age of 20, Darren Till moved from his hometown in Liverpool to Brazil to train and pursue his MMA career, this was after a near-death experience when he was stabbed in the back of the neck twice whilst caught up in a fight in a bar in Liverpool. Mr Till narrowly missed death as the knife cut deep into his body, missing his main artery by an inch. In the hospital, Darren Till’s coach approached him and put his life and dreams into perspective:

"If you want to continue fighting you have got to get focused. If this is really what you want to do then you have to go to Brazil, Liverpool is not the place for you at this moment in time."

Mr Till took this advice in both hands and realised that if he was not going to achieve the dream he wanted, no one will do it for him. He set off to Brazil where he spent three and a half years training in an intense environment with some of the most talented athletes in the world; he learnt the language, became a father and picked himself back up to compete and to stay on track to become a World UFC Champion. He moved to Brazil because he needed a change of environment, of the people around him.

The environment we live in and the people around us are core pillars for us to achieve anything in life. There is a saying that we become like the people we spend the most time with.


How Darren Till’s Dream Has Become a Reality Thanks To His Trainer

"Sometimes, when you tell people about your plans and dreams, they don’t actually start to believe in you until you go and do it.

I’d always tell my friends and family that I was going to be this and that, and they’d listen to me, but I don’t think they ever believed it. But right now, let me tell you something, they believe it."

Darren Till is expected to face former UFC Welterweight title challenger Stephen Thompson in his hometown of Liverpool at UFC Fight Night 130 on 27th May, 2018. He is fast becoming a prominent figure in the public eye for UFC. For someone at the age of 25, this can seem overwhelming. However, Mr Till is making sure that he keeps himself grounded:

"You can’t take anything for granted in life, you just have to enjoy it."

When asked what he feels prior to his fight in a few weeks, he tells the world:

"I’m here to stay."

Darren Till’s trainer gave him the best advice he could have to achieve his goals and that was discipline and a change of environment.

In order to be the Ultimate World Fighting Champion he wants to be, he has to be focused, he has to be committed and he needs to be open to learning. However, it is Mr Till’s responsibility to be all three; if he wasn’t wholly dedicated to his dream he would never be where he is now and accomplish what he already has today. Time and time again we see that legends never give up on their dreams and develop the discipline to achieve their goals. We also see they NEVER do it alone, they always have people backing them like Darren Till's trainer and his priceless advice…

To watch more on Darren Till, see his story and learn from his ambition and attitude to achieve his goal, check out the video below:

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