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Leonardo DiCaprio Has Strong Words On Climate Change...

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

On Tuesday this week, the actor Leonardo DiCaprio spoke out over climate change and voiced an opinion that many people in office may agree with, but were never in a position to say;

"If you do not believe in climate change... in my humble opinion, [you] should not be allowed to hold public office"

Saying something like this puts you in the firing line of those who disagree with you, but it also gives voice to those who feel misrepresented and frustrated by those who choose to ignore the facts on climate change that are now evident. Mr DiCaprio is doing what legends are very good at, looking at the evidence and making a decision based on facts. Legends are committed to looking at reality and choosing the best course of action based on that reality, not what is popular. It may be hard to make a decision or statement that people disagree with because it is uncomfortable or inconvenient, but if we value progress, then making these difficult choices is necessary.

Here is Mr DiCaprio, along with U.S. President Obama speaking on the issue...

Ben Stiller Speaks About Cancer Prevention

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

"I got diagnosed with prostate cancer Friday, June 13th, 2014. On September 17th of that year I got a test back telling me I was cancer free. The three months in between were a crazy roller coaster ride with which about 180,000 men a year in America can identify... Right after I got the news, still trying to process the key words echoing dimly in my head (probability of survival–vival-vival-val…” “incontinence-nence-nence-ence…), I promptly got on my computer and Googled “Men who had prostate cancer.” I had no idea what to do and needed to see some proof this was not the end of the world."

- Ben Stiller

On Tuesday this week, actor Ben Stiller revealed that he had been diagnosed with Prostate cancer in 2014. He has written a full blog post about it which you can read here. Most importantly, he has stressed the importance of early diagnosis being the reason for his treatment...

"I would not have known I had a growing tumor until two years after I got treated... If he [the internist] had followed the US Preventive Services Task Force guidelines, I would have never gotten tested at all, and not have known I had cancer until it was way too late to treat successfully."

Mr Stiller was fortunate to have a doctor who took measures to test him regularly for cancer instead of waiting until it was too late. Early diagnosis is the best form of treatment because it means you can deal with things up front before they escalate. This is the mark of any legend, that they are proactive about things. Be they their own personal challenges, company challenges or global issues. And we can all take heed of this - from managing our finances, to investing time in our close relationships before they drift apart, to fixing something at work before it grows into a major problem.

Pharrell Williams Speaks About Clothing Label That Recycles Plastic

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

"You have to give back. Especially to the people who have given it to you... if you don't have an ocean...when that is contaminated, you don't have anything."

- Pharrell Williams

Do you ever wonder where our goods come from, or where they go once we throw them away? Well, 8.8 million tonnes of plastic ends up in our oceans every year, adding to a running total of around 165 million tonnes. Our oceans have become dirtied by our plastic.

Bionic Yarn, whose creative director is musician Pharrell Williams, has in the last 3 years, transformed 7 million plastic bottles into viable, fashionable clothes. It's yet another case in point that there are opportunities everywhere to turn challenges into solutions. Mr Williams hasn't suddenly decided to make an investment in a hip and trendy company, he has believed for a long time in giving to others and making a positive contribution. It's why so many in the music industry speak of him highly and why he is involved in Bionic Yarn's cause.

For the full story, click here. Below is an interview with Mr Williams and the two other co-founders of Bionic Yarn...

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