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Usain Bolt's Daily Diet Revealed!

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Usain Bolt is the fastest man alive over 100m and 200m through consistently being at the top of his game for the last decade. Now, we live in a society that's obsessed with what perfect strangers are eating just because they're famous! Well, GoCompare has done us all a favour with a study into athletes', celebrities' and actors' diets.

Usain Bolt's diet is far more moderate than most would think however - according to the site, his calorie intake is even less than the Queen of England!

The study is also a great insight into the likes of 5000m Olympic champion Mo Farah and actor Chris Hemsworth. Among them, Usain Bolt clocks in around 2,200 calories per day, starting his day with a simple egg sandwich and having a healthy intake of fruit and vegetables.

So if this isn't about obsessing over the latest celebrity's post-breakfast-pre-brunch snack, why exactly does this matter? Well, firstly, these people all have different diets! So instead of trying to copy one of them, try and find your own diet. Part of looking after ourselves is knowing what food is good for us as well as knowing the kind of food we enjoy! You'll see among all of these legends that there's definitely tasty food in there, not just the bare essentials! Secondly, this is about developing the discipline to eat well, to eat consciously and deliberately. How many of us just eat whatever we can get our hands on without choosing it?

For more dietary wisdom, click here to find out the one dietary change that tennis star Novak Djokovic made to transform his lifestyle and his game!

This 105-Year-Old Man Is The Oldest Man On a Rollercoaster!

"On the 6th of April 2017 I will turn 105 years old so I've decided instead of sitting back to read my second letter from the queen I'd rather raise a little more money for a well-deserved charity and also see if I can gain my second Guinness World Record by attempting to be the oldest person to ride a roller coaster."

- Jack Reynolds

OK, now that's the way to live. Have a great time, enjoy yourself and make a difference. Is it any wonder why Jack Reynolds is 105 years old!? Check him out in action below...

Congratulations to Mr Reynolds. You can find his JustGiving page here and read the full story about his birthday here.

Want more inspiration to live life to the fullest? Then you have to check out this inspiring music video to help you get in the mood...

Kids Vs. Dads In Burpees Challenge!

If you're a parent and looking for different ways to keep fit while helping your kids do the same... or if you're not a parent and you want to be inspired by families getting fit, then this video from Men's Health is for you.

Earlier this week, the magazine posted a segment on two fathers finding ways to keep fit with their kids. Now, while this is a cool video, the lesson behind it is about finding ways to bring balance to our lives. It doesn't always have to be one thing or the other - often we can combine activities and ideas to come up with new, innovative and exciting solutions to some of our daily challenges. Check it out below...

For more parenting tips from legends, here are some valuable insights on what to do when your children are getting stressed out...

And Finally... 

You may know actor Chris Pratt from the recent Jurassic World or Guardians Of The Galaxy films. While filming Jurassic World 2, Mr Pratt has taken to using some of his downtime to share his appreciation for the snacks he receives. Check out his latest instalment...

For a bit more sensible food advice, check out Jamie Oliver's campaign against obesity here...

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