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Trust The Process!

So it's the start of 2017. You've probably tried a new fitness regime or a new diet. Seeing any results yet??

Celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak (who's worked with Megan Fox, Jordana Brewster and others) gives some sound advice...

Want some more inspiration on keeping fit? How about some lessons from some of the fittest women on earth?

Tony Hawk Keeping The Adventure Alive!

Whether you know him for his skateboarding tricks or as a video game star, Tony Hawk is a skateboarding legend. And at age 48, he's still very much keeping active, fun and adventurous. Check him out having fun in Peru...

Sightseeing Lima with @acidinvader ??

A photo posted by Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) on

We might not all have the liberty to hang onto a rikshaw in our spare time, but if you want some quick tips on fitting exercise into a busy life, check this out!

Working Out Your Abs Is a 'Mindful' Process!

Holly Perkins has trained actors like Adrian Grenier (from the TV show Entourage) in her line of work, so she knows how to handle herself. Here's a great video and explanation from her on working out one of the most popular exercise spots - the abdominals!

When it comes to fitness, it's tempting to look for that quick-fix routine that will get you into shape. But legends stay healthy by applying one timeless principle. What is it? Click here to find out.

Jamie Oliver's Cheap Carbonara Recipe!

Being on a budget should never restrict your creativity and enjoyment of life. Here's a great little tip from Jamie Oliver...

As well as exercise, keeping a healthy diet is crucial and all part of the universal principle of balanced self-renewal. Check out how tennis legend Novak Djokovic made one change to his diet that transformed his life. 

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