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Everything Worthwhile Needs Hard Work...

Last week, the US public saw musician Lady Gaga perform a unique and impressive half-time show at the American Football Super Bowl. Here's a great reminder of what went into that...

Do you have a major goal, physical or otherwise that you want to train hard for? Here's 6 questions to help you make this year the best so far.

Always, Always Come Back To The Fundamentals!

When we get good at something - exercise, work, music, engineering... whatever the specific skill is, it can be all too easy to forget the very fundamentals that got us there in the first place. When that happens, we fall from grace very quickly! Here's WWE wrestler and actor John Cena with a great reminder...

If you want to learn more about self-discipline, check out this awesome podcast from a former Navy SEAL.

What Example Are You Setting?

Getting fit and staying fit is a great opportunity in and of itself. But it's even more compelling when we know others are looking to us for an example. Who are you inspiring through your actions? Here's 2016 CrossFit Games champion Matt Fraser with a very cool message...

Would you be interested in joining a fitness group that develops your career and also makes a difference to the next generation? Get in touch with us via phone on +44 (0) 20 3286 4016 or email me here... 

And Finally...

Get ready for something a little different...this one's for the brave - from legendary rock climber Alex Honnold!

It's important to be a little crazy in our lives. Here's a great video from Steve Jobs to remind us why...

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