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David Beckham Spars With His Son... And Takes a Hit!

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

David Beckham may have retired from professional football, but he's far from taking it easy. Check him out getting an early morning workout in with his son Cruz Beckham. Click the image to watch the clip - and hold on until the end to see a great shot by the young boxer!

Early morning box with the little man... Caught me with a right jab... Fun times @cruzbeckham ?

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Keeping fit and spending time with the family can happen! Legends like David Beckham show us the genius of bringing the two things together.

Looking for more stuff to do with your family? Check out this great story of how Star Wars united a father and daughter...

The Amazing Story Of The Blind Marathon Runner

"For the first few weeks, I thought there was no way it would work. Everything was a blur when I moved and it was hard to run in rhythm. But Hazel was very patient, and I was determined not to disappoint her. By April, I knew we could complete the 26.2 miles."

- Gillian Harvey

There have been some great stories to come out of the London Marathon. One of them is Gillian Harvey, who had always dreamt of running the London Marathon. But, in 2016, she lost her sight to the point where she could barely see.

You'd understand if Ms Harvey gave up - which she nearly did - if it weren't for her daughter Hazel, who was convinced that she could run it with her support. There are so many times when we feel like giving up, and we do. But with someone else who can see our potential, we can break through barriers and fulfil our own ambitions that we once thought impossible;

"Our tights nearly got tangled up with other runners a few times and Hazel spent most of the time shouting, ‘Debris! Debris!’ so that I didn’t trip over discarded water bottles. But I loved it."

For the full story by Ms Harvey, click here.

For another great partnership story, check out how a young man with cerebral palsy teamed up with Nike!

Future NFL Star's Training Regime

This is a great video about an up-and-coming NFL star, D'Onta Foreman training a 40-yard sprint. Yes, there is intensity and he looks incredibly powerful bursting out, but as he says himself, it wasn't always great...

"The first day I got here, I ran a terrible 40 [yards]. I was upset. Once we started going over technique and I learned how to run better, I could see my run times started to drop." 

It's testament to how everyone starts at the same point. It's what they do from there, what their attitude is to moving forward, that separates people. Do they see their own potential or do they see problems? Check out the training video for yourself!

Here's an insight into one NFL player who overcame immense adversity - a broken neck!

And Finally... Roller Skating For Fitness!

"In 2015, I was practising on rough ground and tripped over a big stone. I fell forwards and stuck my arms out to protect my face. I fractured both my wrists. I had to wear casts for six weeks, which made writing really difficult at school. My teacher said not to skate so much, but I didn’t listen. Within a few days I returned to training, wearing my pretty casts. Slaloming with music, with my friends, is so much fun. Skating is my life." - Alice Lean, 11 years old

In the past, getting fit has been about either going to the gym, going for a run, or some other fairly standard form of 'normal' exercise. Now, if you ask kids, what do they do for exercise, they'll probably look at you with an expression that says 'what planet are you on exactly?!'

That's because for a lot of kids, exercise is play. It's fun, it's adventure, it's exciting... it's part of their lives. It isn't something they force themselves to do to look good! That's why I love this story from 11-year-old Alice Lean, who shares how she got into roller-skating at such a young age, despite being surrounded by adults who were far more advanced than she is.

The message here applies to life beyond exercise. Tap into your creativity, your passions and what you love. To be able to do that requires a self-knowing... the ability to listen to ourselves instead of what the social norms are. Kids are experts in this. Let's learn from them!

"I love developing new tricks. You don’t just use your feet; you have to use your waist to twist and your arms to keep you balanced. The hardest are the toe tricks where you skate on one wheel."

For more on the workout from Miss Lean, click here!

What else can we learn from kids? How about the key to being a genius?

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