Latest Sport - Tony Adams' Training Session Goes Viral! | Why Mesut Ozil Chose Real Over Barcelona | Virat Kohli's Appreciation For His Idol!

Tony Adams Training Session Creates Dance Craze!

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Arsenal legend Tony Adams has been recently appointed as head coach of Spanish La Liga side Granada. Here's a video of him in a training session with his players which has gone viral as someone cleverly set it to 90's pop classics! It's great to see someone who has openly struggled with depression enjoying himself and taking on a prominent leadership role at a football club.

Here's another footballing legend having a laugh at himself! Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp...Boom!

Mesut Ozil Shows The Importance of Care!

Arsenal and former Real Madrid midfielder Mesut Ozil, regarded as one of the best players in the world, shows the importance of emotions and human contact in the tweet below. Discussing why he chose to play for Real Madrid and not arch rivals Barcelona, he says a key factor was that Barcelona's manager Pep Guardiola didn't make the effort to meet him. Mr Ozil highlights the fact that if we want to have successful relationships we need to make the effort to nurture them!

For more on the power of relationships. Here's EY's Chairman Mark Weinberger discussing why a cup of coffee is worth a 1000 tweets!...

Virat Kohli Awaits Film On His Idol!

Like many young Indian cricketers, Virat Kohli grew up idolising Sachin Tendulkar. Mr Kohli is himself now on the way to becoming a cricketing legend being the captain of the Indian team that is now the number one test team in the world. He shows his respect to Mr Tendlukar in this tweet using the word "Paaji" which translates as big brother. Mentors and role models can have a powerful effect on the younger generation. 

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