Latest Sport - England Rugby Team Take Positives From Defeat, Leicester City's Champions League Dream Continues & More...

England Rugby Team Take Positives From Defeat

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

The English rugby team missed out on setting a new world record for the most consecutive wins on Saturday when they lost to Ireland 13-9. Nevertheless, they still won the Six Nations tournament and as the following tweets show, the team has taken a number of positives from the experience. It's often that we learn more and improve through failure than through continued success...

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Leicester City Keep British Flag Flying In Champions League!

Despite having a very challenging time in the Premier League this year, Leicester City have continued their theme from last season to defy the odds in the Champions League. They are the only English team to have made it through to the quarter-finals. It seems that the team spirit from last year has re-emerged!

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Football Legend Zinedine Zidane Shows Who Is Boss!

French footballing legend Zinedine Zidane and manager of Real Madrid reminds everyone that he is in charge when substituting his star player Christiano Ronaldo. It's a powerful lesson that the team is more important than any one player...

Dirk Kuyt's Son To Follow In Father's Footsteps?!

Here's an awesome clip of the 5-year-old son of ex-Liverpool footballer Dirk Kuyt scoring an amazing goal! It wouldn't be a surprise if he is receiving some extra mentorship from his dad. 🙂 Joking aside, it shows us the power of having guidance and support from coaches and mentors to optimise and develop our ability from a young age...

Kolo Toure Injured Arsenal Wenger On His Arsenal Trial!

Here's a fantastic story about Arsenal legend Kolo Toure. In an extract from a book about his trial at Arsenal, it seems in training he injured two of their star players and the manager Arsenal Wenger! It was because of this desire that Arsene Wenger signed him. This story shows Mr Wenger knew that the character of Kolo Toure was the most important attribute he wanted for his team and he knew he could improve Mr Toure's tackling ability. It's a strong lesson that while we can teach skills, it's a lot harder to develop the right character which is why it is so valued!

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