Latest Sport - Paula Radcliffe Wants Harsher Doping Penalties, Sachin Tendulkar Tells Kid to Wear Bicycle Helmet & Friendship Wins At The Masters!

Paula Radcliffe Wants Doping To Be a Criminal Offence

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Paula Radcliffe has said that athletes who take performance-enhancing drugs should be charged with a criminal offence. This comes a week after reigning Olympic and London Marathon champion Jemima Sumgong tested positive for a banned drug. Ultimately, while those who take banned substances may win in the short-term, things usually come back to haunt them at some point in time and in a way that is often more destructive than the original offence. This includes having to live with themselves knowing they cheated.

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Sachin Tendulkar Tells a Young Boy To Wear a Helmet While Cycling!

While he may be seen as a God in his native India, cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar shows he is happy to do his civic duty and look out for the welfare of others. In this clip below he poses for a selfie while in traffic and tells a child to wear a helmet for his own safety while riding his bike! A great example of caring for others...

Here's a great lesson on patience from Sachin Tendulkar...

Friendship Wins At The Masters Too!

While the big story at the Masters was Sergio Garcia winning his first Major, the close friendship and sportsmanship between him and Justin Rose was evident for all to see. The quote below from Justin Rose sums it up well. Winning isn't everything and he sees the bigger picture! It would be great to see this attitude in other areas of our life too such as at work, in business and of course in other sports. It was great to see other legends appreciated it too.

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