Latest CEO Insights - Jack Welch & Other CEOs Offer Advice For Getting To The Top!

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Getting to the position where you are leading an organisation responsible for hiring thousands of people does not happen overnight! GOBankingRates (a financial news site) shared the experiences of 15 CEOs who were promoted to the role of leading their respective organisations. Here's the advice from three of those CEOs who have worked their way to the top of their organisations from the bottom up...

Jack Welch, GE - Work With Your Boss

Jack Welch started as a chemical engineer in the Plastics division of General Electric and it took him 21 years to become the company's CEO. He served in the role for 20 years until 2001 and offers the following two pieces of advice in a LinkedIn post that relate to the importance of the relationship we have with our bosses;

"The first is over-delivering on results within the values criteria that your boss sets for the team… The other quality that makes you promotable is constantly working to make your boss smarter."

For more of Jack Welch's career advice and getting that promotion, here's more from the man himself!

Alex Gorsky, Johnson & Johnson - Care For Your Employees

The current chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson started his career at the pharmaceutical company as a sales representative for a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary but also honed his leadership skills through six years serving in the US Army. In an interview published on Knowledge at Wharton he highlighted what people expect from a leader, saying;

"People are not looking for a perfect leader. They want a leader who cares about them and is going to help them try to be better."

Here's another great example of how Airbnb's Chief Business Affairs and Legal Officer Belinda Johnson has used her people skills to help the organisation go global.

Mary Barra, General Motors - Act With Integrity

Mary Barra joined General Motors when she was 18 years old. It took her 34 years to become CEO and was the first woman to lead a major car company. As the head of a global corporation she explained the responsibility she feels when making decisions in an interview with Esquire magazine;

 "There's no decision you should ever make that would embarrass you if it became public."

For more tips for getting to the top, here's some priceless advice from Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella.

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