Latest Business - Warren Buffett's $1M Bet, Candy Brothers Court Room Saga Continues & James Dyson Invests £2.5 Billion

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Warren Buffet Still Up On $1 Million Bet

This week saw Warren Buffett's company Berkshire Hathaway hold their annual meeting in which he gives an update of how the company is doing and his general thoughts on the market.

One aspect that's been highlighted in the media relates to a bet he made in 2008.  In that year Warren Buffett criticised hedge funds and other institutions for charging too much and not producing the investments returns to reflect their charges. So much so that he bet $1 million that a tracker fund (a fund that simply produces the average return of the stock market and is not actively managed) would produce a higher return over 10 years, than most hedge funds (where shares are actively managed by expert investment managers).

Reports show that he is still up with one year remaining on this bet!

This is a man who clearly doesn't need the money, he's doing it to prove a long-held view that expensive and complex Wall Street advice is often only there to serve their own interests and not their clients. Any money he makes is being donated to charity

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Candy Brothers Court Room Saga Continues!

London billionaire property investor brothers, Nick and Christian Candy have had a lot of their dirty washing aired in public recently, as a current court case reveals a number of allegations about them. This includes family in-fighting about their respective partners and links to Russian gangsters! While successful people may often appear to have the dream lifestyle, situations like this show that money really cannot buy happiness and peace of mind.

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James Dyson Announces £2.5 Billion UK Investment

British billionaire inventor James Dyson has announced he will be investing £2.5 billion in building a second campus for his company in the UK and doubling his workforce. Mr Dyson was a strong campaigner in favour of Brexit and he is showing that he's putting his money where his mouth is by investing in the UK economy.

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