Kobe Bryant Wins Oscar And Delivers Rebuke To Journalist In His Acceptance Speech

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By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

NBA legend Kobe Bryant has provided yet another example of how sportsmen can make a contribution to society once they retire. This weekend he won an Oscar for Dear Basketball, which won the Best Short Animated Film in Sunday's 2018 award ceremony. Not being one to shy away from giving his opinion, in his acceptance speech, he rebuked US journalist Laura Ingraham, a Fox News presenter who had criticised two prominent basketball players, Kevin Durant and LeBron James for making comments against US President Donald Trump. She said:

"[They] should keep the political commentary to themselves, or as somebody once said, shut up and dribble".

In response to this, Kobe Bryant stated:

"As basketball players, we're really supposed to shut up and dribble. But I'm glad we do a little bit more than that. Thank you, Academy, for this amazing honour."

Mr Bryant shows it's important to do whatever we can to make a positive impact in society, no matter what our position or role may be, and how it's this that can give us greater meaning and purpose. With all the money he has made, not to mention the records he has broken in the game, Mr Bryant does not need to work again. However, he understands that without making a contribution to society, he would most likely become bored and start to regress mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Hence's he's using his talents and resources to bring greater awareness to things he feels are not right, as well as inspiring others to do the same.

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