Kimi Räikkönen Shows F1's Human Side

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

In the heat of competition, Kimi Räikkönen shows his human side to a lucky fan! 

One of the top drivers in Formula 1 is the 'Flying Finn' Kimi Räikkönen. He is well-known to regular F1 fans as a man of few words and apparently even fewer emotions. 🙂

However, in this year's Spanish Grand Prix, Mr Räikkönen was involved in a racing incident on the first corner, that broke the steering on his Ferrari and put him out of the race. While for his competitors this was an advantage, there were many Ferrari and Räikkönen fans who were disappointed. On such fan was a small boy called Thomas:

However, the tears turned to joy as Mr Räikkönen's team mate (Sebastian Vettel) took the lead;

To make the day even better, the young lad was then invited to the Ferrari garage to meet with his hero.

What this shows is that even though racing drivers have a reputation for being some of the most competitive and focused people you'll ever meet, there is still a strong sense of family, humility and care in them. As this short clip from another driver Daniel Ricciardo shows, the sense of family is strong among the drivers;

For more on how this week's winner Lewis Hamilton was mentored to become a champion and how to get in touch with what he really values, click here.

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