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Kid President On Spreading Joy!

A Dose of Wisdom To Get Your Day Going..

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Have you ever broken a bone? How about seventy? Yea, seventy bones...

In his 12 short years, Robby Novak, A.K.A. Kid President, has broken over 70 bones in his body due to a condition he has. Has that stopped him living the most amazing life he can? No way! In fact, he is an inspiration to millions across the world. And today, he has one simple message: spread joy to others.

Recently we shared the incredibly moving story of Jessie Rees, a young girl who sadly lost her life to cancer. But before she passed away, she left a legacy that is bringing joy to kids all across America. Robby Novak was one of those kids, who received a free gift when he was in hospital... In a world with so much competition, stress and tension, bringing a bit of joy to someone else can have such an incredible impact, often more than we realise. There are SO many ways to do it...just check out the video for some inspiration!

So as the young President said,

How will you be spreading joy this week?

Want to get involved in an incredible project that's spreading joy to kids in different ways, from receiving an inspirational book, to drinking clean water for the first time? Get in touch through our live chat below...


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