Katie's Krops - A Young Girl’s Mission To End Hunger

By Megan Garry-Evans, Legends Report Writer

 “My vision is to have 500 gardens in all 50 states, and then I’d love to start Katie’s Krops internationally.

I know when you put all our growers together — no matter how large or small their efforts — we’re making a huge impact.” – Katie Stagliano

Katie’s Krops is an organisation that was established by a 9-year-old girl. Katie’s inspiration stemmed from something as small as a cabbage seed given to her by her school as part of the ‘Bonnie Plant’s third Grade Cabbage Program’. This cabbage grew to a substantial size, weighing 18kg and so with the help of her mum Katie donated it to a significant cause, the local soup kitchen where it was able to feed 275 people. Seeing the queue of people at the soup kitchen and realising that it may be their only meal of the day, made Katie realise that she wanted to end hunger; she had found enjoyment in helping people. Katie’s eyes had been opened to the possibilities that can arise from almost nothing, strengthening her determination as she continued to grow produce for those in need.

Yet, this organisation would not be as successful as it is now if Katie worked alone.  Gardens across the U.S have been set up by a variety of young people as part of Katie’s Krops, and all their produce is donated to those in need.  Katie realised that the more people got involved, the more people she could reach out and help. So part of her goal is to also inspire other young people to get engaged, and by working together their dream to eliminate hunger can flourish. A dedicated group of young volunteers in South Carolina supported Katie’s organisation through 628 hours of work serving  2,347 meals to those in need.

‘I have found amazing kids across the United States who are passionate about ending hunger in their communities. We’ve come together and created a family of Katie’s Krops Growers. Working together I believe we can grow a healthy end to hunger, one vegetable garden at a time.’

Katie Stagliano

How To Apply This...

There are so many factors that have resulted in Katie's Krops succeeding. One of the most important is her vision for what she wanted to create. Katie knew that if she could make a difference, others could have the same impact. A vision like Katie's paints a picture, which informs us of the desired goals that we want to achieve, and focuses our attention on the things we need to do. Without the clarity of a vision we find ourselves lost in the situation, or the world, or living other people's vision. It doesn't come overnight, nor in a magical instance. Our visions take time, care and attention to nurture them. They require a level of self-belief that is stronger than our fears.

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