Katelyn Ohashi Was The Best Gymnast In The World, Until She Wasn’t!

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By Diane Cubitt, Associate & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Katelyn Ohashi is the world-class gymnast behind the Michael Jackson-inspired perfect 10 routine which has gone viral with over 60 million views! However, not many people know the incredibly inspiring story behind her journey.

At the peak of her profession, she was the best in the world, until one day, she had to step down from elite gymnastics due to significant injuries and the often cruel pressure of high-level sport.

Even though she suffered tremendously, she never gave up.  She fought back from injury and criticism about her size and was able to start competing again with the UCLA gymnastics team. Through the mentoring and guidance of one of the top coaches there, Valorie Kondos Field, known to them all as Miss Val she was able to find the joy and happiness she once lost.

Here is the video of her fantastic routine and her story showing a young women who, with true inspiration, skill and determination, was able to rediscover her love of gymnastics and ultimately her love of life again...



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Here is another inspiring story of a gymnast coming back after changing her life, Don't let anyone tell you that you can't!


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