Katelyn Ohashi Shares How She Overcame Body Shame!

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By Diane Cubitt, Associate & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

I recently posted a video of Katelyn Ohashi and her perfect 10 routine, a video which went viral. But this "perfect 10" came after overcoming quite a lot of shame from her gym coaches. From an early age, she shared how she would get taunts and have to listen to some very hard criticism about her size. Being told that she looks like she had swallowed a cow!

Even when she was a little kid, she used to get internet trolls, people who would post horrid remarks just to bring her down. Even with this to overcome, she has risen up the ranks and has inspired so many other young gymnasts. A young woman who has overcome so much and can now appreciate and respect her body the way it is. She shares in the video below on the 5 minute mark how her body allows her to do some amazing movements and can entertain and inspire so many through her routines...

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Katelyn Ohashi shares her story from leaving the elite Olympic level and going to College Gymnastics


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