Jordan Peterson - What Is The True Meaning Of Life?

Developing ourselves to improve the world...

By Anthony Church, Legends Report Writer

Many of us often think of ourselves as either more important than others or not worthy in life; and much of that is because of a lack of meaning, purpose and genuine self-worth...So it begs the question then....what is a meaningful and happy life really about?

Clinical psychologist and author Jordan Peterson shares in this moving and powerful interview that happiness really comes along when we least expect it. It isn’t something which we can become by remaining in our own reality and focusing on our individual interests alone.

It is CRITICAL to build and develop our own character - as he defines it - by learning to provide solutions to suffering in our lives and those of others. Mr Peterson talks movingly about being "the strongest man at your father's funeral" and gives us a strong call to action to live by the rules which govern what we say and do! The principles of life!

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