Jeff Bezos Highlights Where Our Personal Brand Comes From

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Our personal brand and career success starts with self-awareness.

Recently I've seen a big trend in people asking for advice on how they can be more visible in their organisations. A lot of this is about the way that others perceive us and our abilities; regardless of how accurate it is!

Like it or not, our reputation in the workplace will often be judged by the opinions of others; whether positive or negative. If we've ever felt hard done by because of being overlooked for a promotion, a pay rise or simply words of appreciation from our colleagues, then this article will give plenty of food for thought.

Self-Awareness - An Important Leadership Trait

One of the most important traits of not just as a leader, but also a mature, responsible human being is having high levels of self-awareness. This means we both need to understand ourselves and also recognise the impact we have on other people. The billionaire founder of Amazon; Jeff Bezos, has been quoted as saying:

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