James Milner And Gary Lineker Show Humility In Tweet Exchange

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By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Liverpool footballer James Milner and ex-England footballer Gary Lineker who is now a commentator for the BBC, both showed humility recently to put a potentially challenging situation into perspective following an exchange on Twitter.

The exchange came off the back of an apology that Gary Linker made to James Milner, after previously making disparaging remarks about his calibre as a footballer. Following the apology, Mr Milner accepted it with a light-hearted joke as a response.

Behind the joking, there is a serious lesson here that we can all apply in our lives. Namely, how many times do we see or do the opposite of this? i.e We take serious offence to a criticism that someone says about us or to us and then escalate it with our own criticism of them in retribution. All this usually leads to is a feud and energy draining emotional drama.

Instead, in this situation, we can see what was an emotional withdrawal made by Gary Lineker being turned into an emotional deposit. Mr Linkeker made the effort to apologise sincerely and Mr Milner had the maturity to accept it with the intention it was made with. Both come out of the situation with increased respect for each other.

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