Jada Pinkett-Smith On Being a Mother and a Wife

Jada Pinkett Smith

By Daniel Schmitz, Legends Report Contributor

"I believe that what I do takes so much energy from heart, spirit and creativity, that I have to be responsible enough to take care of me."

- Jada Pinkett-Smith

Balancing a family and a busy professional life is never easy, particularly if your family happens to be full of Hollywood movie stars! Many of us struggle with balance in our lives, so here’s a powerful video of Jada-Pinkett Smith (wife of Will Smith) sharing some powerful lessons on how she has found balance as a mother, wife and actress...

Jada shares how she forgot to take care of herself after her kids were born and the negative impact on her feelings and her own happiness...

So Why Is It So Important to Invest In Yourself?

Taking more care of herself had a positive effect on Jada’s energy and her well-being. She was able to increase her ability to be there for her family and others by taking time for herself and recognising that she does not have to sacrifice her own life in order to serve her family. In fact investing in herself enabled her to give more to her family.

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Learning From Legends...

    What would you like to do more of to renew your own well-being? Choose your top 3...

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    Jada Pinkett-Smith Image courtesy of Dominick D @ Flickr