Jackie Chan's Humility: Learning From a Child

By Sukh Singh Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach Lighthouse International

What is one of the greatest, most telling hallmarks of a really successful, affluent person?


Humility can be defined as someone's genuine willingness to learn and improve themselves. It is a great indicator of a legend. In fact if you look at legends, you will always see a thirst for learning...

Jackie Chan is one of the most successful martial arts actors in recent generations, and one of very few who's created great films not only in China, but in America too - from films like Supercop to the Rush Hour trilogy. He was a friend to the legendary Bruce Lee, has worked with some of the greatest action stars and comedy stars too, and in the clip below, you'll come to see one of the reasons why he has done so well...


Develop Your Hunger To Learn and Improve

What I love about this clip is that you can see that Jackie Chan is a relative novice compared to the little boy! Yet he absolutely wants to learn as much as he can and is totally willing to be humbled by the young Shaolin monk.

We may not have young martial arts masters around us, but who can we learn from?

Too often we think that we need to learn from people who are "better" than us, people who hold positions of authority, but the reality is that we can learn a lot from so many people. It could be something so small like learning how to make a meal from a family member, learning how to fix something from a friend, learning how you could do better at work from a colleague, or even learning about the people themselves! We need to be open to learning!

You'll never meet a legend who doesn't learn something new every day, they thirst for it! The more you want to learn about yourself, things, people, situations and life, you will become better and better equipped to handle situations, get more out of life, become more successful in your career or business and have more fun!

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