Jack Welch - The Original Business Titan


by Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Jack Welch is a business legend who is right up there with the Steve Jobs' and Richard Branson’s of this world. Voted Manager of the 20th Century by Fortune Magazine in 1999, Mr Welch was CEO of the American conglomerate General Electric from 1981-2001. During this time, he took the company from a value of $12 Billion to over $280 Billion when he retired...making it one of the biggest companies in the world!

The way he achieved this can teach us a lot about being proactive at work, taking responsibility and delaying gratification, regardless of where we currently are in our careers...

His Early Career - Going The Extra Mile

Jack Welch image courtesy of Wikimedia

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  1. Valerie Nash 25th August 2015 at 10:00 PM - Reply

    Re Jack Welch…Flashie I am impressed with the young Jack Welch …his commitment to his work and his vision for improvement in the company. The fact that he was about to leave was important. His personal vision and the contribution he wanted to make within the company was not compatible with the chaotic company structure. It is great that the managers saw this potential and now we can all learn from his achievements. It may be possible that by working up through the ranks, he understood what to do to inspire the staff at each level, and to understand the difficulties they may be experiencing. He had also experienced the apathy of his co-workers, and had clarity about who should move on and why, once he had the authority to do so. It reminds me a bit of Covey’s “gofer” story.

  2. Trinity Ncube 6th August 2015 at 6:28 AM - Reply

    Hi Chris

    With regards to Jack Welch, I can relate with my personal experiences, very recently I turned down a job offer where I probably needed the money but was going to make me miserable. I have long term academic and entrepreneurial aspirations, to the extent the full time job was going to take the time away. Learning from people like Jack ensures that I know when to delay gratification for the longer term goals which I must admit is very hard when you have family responsibilities.

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